Barcelona Gay Tantra massage


Gay erotic Tantra massage for you

If you are visiting Barcelona you can’t miss the very special experience of a Gay Tantra massage. After Casa Batlló, la Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Ramblas there might be some space for re-balancing your body and mind.

Don’t let yourself drown in “the internet of things”. Our world is asking for constant attention and connection with others, with the job and the duty. Needless to say we all need a break. A true and healing break. For body and mind. This is what this excellent masseur can offer you.

Tantra masseurs usually focus on breathing and yoga postures. Paco focuses on diving you into a very sensual and erotic experience. From the very start every minute is pleasure and joy for your body and mind.

He is said to be the best erotic gay tantra masseur in town —and in Europe. That’s is what his customers say about his unique talent. Please check out some of his reviews here.

Paco is one of the few tantric masseurs in the world with the unique talent of turning the blissful sensuality into the very sexy eroticism you desire. He is a hot and strong guy who uses his hands, forearms and his whole body to give you a sensual and extremely erotic massage.

He can serve you at your hotel or at the studios he is working for in the center of Barcelona. He is a very masculine man, capable of blending the carnal and the spiritual with the noblesse of his assets. He can take you to cloud... you number it.

Paco will serve you at the lush premises of TantraTouch Barcelona and Ritual Masajes. These massage studios are located in upscale buildings and decorated with different but always impeccable styles. All of Paco’s customers say they feel as if they were in a very needed and timeless sensual oasis. Find out for yourself.

To choose the massage that best fits your needs, please have a look at the price listings and menus.


24/7 from monday to sunday (please book in advance).


+34 676 648 226 (Paco)

Answering 9 AM to 12 PM

Hotel outcalls

24/7 from Monday to Sunday Please book with a couple of hours in advance using e-mail, whatsApp or phone-call. It’s easy!

Studio Opening

Monday to Friday:

from 10 AM to 9 PM


from 11:30 AM to 7 PM


from 12 AM to 6 PM


Pau Claris, 176, Barcelona

Balmes 109, Barcelona

Balmes 188, Barcelona

Direct cell phone

and WhatsApp

Paco: +34 676 648 226



Paco is a professional gay tantra erotic masseur.

He has been trained to deliver a wonderful, sensual and erotic massage for your pleasure and well-being.


Hygiene and health are his highest priority. You will instantly see that his skin, face and whole body are healthy and perfectly well taken care of.

How it works

Please check this to find out how it works and what to expect during the best massage you will ever enjoy in Barcelona.


Your regular masseur won’t take you there. Other Tantra masseurs in Barcelona mention it, but don’t deliver the full erotic experience.

Price list

You have a choice over a wide range of techniques and prices. Check them to choose the one that best suites your preferences.

Price list 2014

Check the different massage menus, starting at 90 € for 45 minutes. Enjoy the most erotically intense massage!

Paco’s stats

  1. 38 years old

  2. 6 feet 1 tall

  3. 88 kg

  4. Hairy body

  5. Goatee

  6. No tattoos

  7. Training muscle
    3 x week


“In Barcelona you can find regular erotic masseurs. Or you can choose Paco. His job is outstanding”.

“The safest, most discreet and convenient in Barcelona. Don’t miss this chance!”

+34 676 648 226

Live up your dream

By choosing Paco, setting up a session with him and letting go as you lay down the massage mat you will be very close to to live up your massage dream.

Trust him and you will be able to enjoy an amazing experience.

Say “yes” to joy

Although many customers say it is a “healing experience”, Paco’s erotic massage is not a part of so called “growth processes”. Paco’s erotic gay massages will not make you emotionally dependent and will never force you to schedule any further session. You are free.

Say “no” to sects

Book a session without having to share your massage with strangers, with no breathing or repeating of mantras. Paco’s tantric massages are an oasis in your life, massages for your pleasure. You are yourself and your freedom. Only being free you will enjoy pleasure and happiness.

Humble and responsible

Paco sees his job with humbleness and responsibility. His massages deal with your intimacy, and the goal is your pleasure, your happiness, your peace and enjoyment.

Previous to the session you may have a short conversation —if you want. This can help him in his job by being aware of your limits or personal issues.

Universal Tantra and “role”

Never mind what is your “role” —top, bottom or versatile. This is up to you and you don’t even need to mention or think about it while enjoying a massage. There are no such roles in erotic massage.

Paco’s erotic tantra massage is universal because you will be accepted just the way you are. No kind of massage should aim to “change” or “correct” anybody.

In most cases Paco is able to feel what is most pleasant to you. Your moaning and breathing will be like clues.